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Portrait and Philosophy

Learn about the origins of Susanne Kaufmann, discover what drives her and follow her path towards creating a brand that is synonymous with the power of nature, centred around the importance of organic ingredients and sustainability, and all delivered with an uncompromising level of excellence and effectivity.

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Products and Production

Housed in curved, clear glass bottles with minimal white packaging, the line champions Susanne Kaufmann's organic and sustainable beliefs. Rooted in the richness of nature found in the Bregenzerwald, we believe in sourcing locally and keeping production and packaging close to home.

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Active Ingredients and Effectiveness

Susanne Kaufmann believes in the power of plants and the natural active ingredients they provide. By combining the best of scientific research with the highest quality active ingredients found in nature, we can assure that every molecule and oil that the plants provide can be utilized in its purest and strongest form.

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